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Services | Project Control

  • Cost Control

    Our construction cost estimating during the design stages of a project helps the team maintain a budget going in to construction.  During the construction process HC Company utilizes project control software to manage all on going costs and potential cost impacts.  This allows the team time to review and accept, or value engineer work to minimize cost overruns.  Project cost impacts are logged and can be tracked throughout the project and referenced for future similar projects to provide cost avoidance strategies during the design process.


  • Document Control

    HC Company uses Prolog Management software to manage documentation on all aspects of the project including, cost control, submittals schedules/approvals, RFI’s, meeting minutes, contract documents, etc.  Good communications and a well documented job is part of any successful project.

  • Procurement

    During the design and pre construction process, HC Company verifies delivery durations for all products necessary for the projects construction.  A procurement schedule is used to identify items requiring pre purchase, or an accelerated review and selection process.

  • Quality Assurance

    HC Company’s QA program will ensure that your project is constructed with high quality installations and in accordance with the Contract Documents.  The intention of the program is to protect the owner, subcontractor, and HC Company during the course of the project and to eliminate rework and to insure a quality end product.

  • Safety

    Safety is our number one priority.  Each of our employees is an integral part of our safety program.  Our commitment to safety is extended through our partnership with OSHA and proven through our consistently low Experience Modification Rate.

  • Scheduling

    A detailed, well managed schedule is imperative to the success of any project.  In today’s competitive product to market business environment, owners require precise planning and scheduling control.  We utilize CPM scheduling practices to provide preliminary project scheduling, schedule tracking, weekly and daily schedule updates to our clients.  HC Company’s attention to productivity and schedule updating ensure that every effort is made to bring our project’s completion in early. Not only does this reduce the amount management required, in turn reducing our client’s budget, it also provides our clients with the opportunity to capture additional lease revenues and provide owner/users with additional productivity.